Sunscreens, humans and environmental health

[In English] The activities which inspired this publication brought sunscreens formulae to the foreground. Indeed, it became obvious during our seminars that end-consumers are waiting for data and information regarding sunscreens as full products (taking into account the entire lifecycle and components of the products). Still, we chose to focus our attention upon one tangible starting point in order to initiate the debate: this infographic therefore focuses on sunscreens formulae as our main issue and not on sunscreens as full products.

In order to contribute to the build-up of momentum between science and society on issues relating to the environment and health, Green Cross held a stakeholder forum in February and March 2021 regarding scientific assessments of the benefits, hazards and risks related to the use of sunscreens, more specifically UV filters, on both environmental and human health.

This stakeholder forum resulted in a series of 3 webinars undertaken in order to provide a comprehensive assessment of the current situation, including indications on where the points of convergence and controversies are, as well as pointers for reasonable action dedicated to decision-makers.

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