Naked Glaciers – exhibition & fundraising – 2021

A meaningful project:  

Testifying to the vulnerability of glaciers, this year 2020 have broken records for heat peaks, witnesses of climate change and accelerators of the melting of glaciers.  

Scientists are warning of this climate emergency, and estimate that within 20 years, all glaciers under 3500m altitude will disappear and only high-skilled climbers will be able to access it. Witness of the beauty and vulnerability of these glaciers, the “Naked Glaciers” photographic and film scientific expedition aims to move the viewer about the mysteries of of these ice giants before they melt completely. It aims to reflect human brutality but also the power that we have to preserve them.  

The climate emergency prompts us to mobilize each and every one of us. For this, emotion and art are essential vectors of awareness and knowledge.

The artist-photographer, Ania Freindorf, after 20 years of documentary reporting on news and environmental issues around the world, today finds herself in a place where glaciers hold her full attention, considering that their existence , or rather their disappearance, is essential to our own survival. 

Naked Glaciers Expedition, Glacier Pointe du Dard, Alps, France

 Why this new campaign?  

The current crisis reminds us of the urgency to act.  This fundraising campaign will, on one hand, finance new expeditions to the top of glaciers more vulnerable than  ever to global warming, and on the other hand, will organize an exhibition around the images produced, 

The photo exhibition will also be accompanied by a companion book to highlight the work done.  
The photo exhibition will also be accompanied by an art book to highlight the achieves work

Through this fundraising, we are planning:  

  • 20,000 euros to make the exhibition visible to public, outside or inside 
  • 50,000 euros for the production of the art book of the exhibition (offered for any donation over 120 euros.)